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Various products of Sweetener, providing product images and basic parameters with each Natural Sweetener and Food Sweetener; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Sweetener, and look forward to your cooperation!


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  • Erythritol


    Erythritol is a natural sugar substitute that helps you stay healthy and stay sweet! Erythritol is derived from cultured sugar using a natural process (fermentation). Erythritol is naturally a zero calorie food. Unlike artificial sweeteners, which are man-made synthetic chemical compounds formulated in a lab, Erythritol appears naturally in fruits such as pears, melons and grapes, as wel...
    Min. Order:25
  • Neohesperidi...

    Neohesperidin dihydrochalcone (NHDC)

    Product name: Neohesperidin dihydrochalcone (NHDC) CAS NO.: 20702-77-6 M.F. : C28H36O15 M. W. : 612.58 Specification: 98% HPLC Appearance: white-needle-crystal-powder Plants source: Rutaceous citrus aurantium L. young fruit M.P.: 156-158degree Solubility: soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in benzene and ae...
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  • Neohesperidi...

    Neohesperidin Citrus Aurantium Extract

    Product name: Neohesperidin Synonym: Hesperetin 7-neohesperidoside; (S)-7-(((2-O-6-Deoxy-alpha-L-mannopyranosyl)-beta-D-glucopyranosyl)oxy)-2,3-dihydro-5-hydroxy-2-(3-hydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl)-4H-1-benzopyran-4-one M.F. : C28H34O15 M. W. : 610.56 CAS NO.: 13241-33-3 Plant source: the fruit of Citrus arantium L. Physical...
    Min. Order:1
  • Aspartame


    ASPARTAME Chemical Name: N-L-alpha-Aspartyl-L-phenylalanine-1-methyl ester Molecular Formula: C14H18N2O5 Molecular Weight: 294.31 Molecular Structure: Description: Aspartame is a high intensity sweetener also identified as N-L-...
    Min. Order:25
  • Sorbitol


    Sorbitol, alias sorbitol. English names Sorbitol, D-Glucitol, Sorbol, D-Sorbitol. The molecular formula is C6H14O6 with a molecular weight of 182.17. White hygroscopic powder or crystalline powder, flake or granule, odorless. Depending on the crystallization conditions, the melting point varies in the range of 88 ~ 102 C, and the relative density is about 1.49. It is soluble in water (1g...
    Min. Order:25
  • Xylitol


    Xylitol is white crystal or crystalized powder, free from smell and cold in taste; its sweetness is equal to cane sugar. The xylitol is extremely easy to dissolve in the water, and slightly dissolved in ethanol and methanol. When dissolving in water, the Xylitol can absorb heat, and has a cool sense in taste. The xylitol is a functional sugar alcohol with physiological activity and nutri...
    Min. Order:25
  • L-arabinose


    L- arabinose Name: L-Arabinose Another name: L (+) – gum aldose, pectose Molecular formula: C5H10O5 Molecular weight: 150.13 Specific gravity: 1.585 Melting point: 154~158 C Sweetness: 50%of sucrose Optical rotation: +100 ~ +104 degrees (C=5, H2O, 24h) Solubility: soluble in wate...
    Min. Order:25
  • Maltitol


    English Name: Maltitol CAS No. 585-88-6 EINECS No. 209-567-0 Molecular formula: C12H24O11 Molecular weight: 344.3124 CAS #: 585-88-6 Density: 1.69g/cm3 Melting point: 149-152 C Boiling point: 788.5 degrees C at 760 mmHg Flash point: 430.7 degree C Product uses: As a sweetener, sugar-free candy has good moisturizing properties and can be used for food ad...
    Min. Order:25
  • Acesulfame-K


    Chemical Name: 6-Methyl-1,2,3-oxathiazine-4(3H)-one-2,2-dioxide potassium salt Molecular Formula: C4H4NO4SK Molecular Weight: 201.24 Molecular Structure: Description: Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K) is a white, odorless, freely flowing powder having an intense sweet taste. A 3% ...
    Min. Order:25
  • Isomalt


    Product name: Isomalt CAS:64519-82-0 W.F:C12H24O11 M.W.:344.32 White odorless crystal Purity:98.5%Min Properties: white odorless crystal, sweet, the sweetness is about 45% ~ 65% of sugar, slightly moisture absorption, melting range 145 ~ 150 , specific rotation ≥ +91.5 ° (4% aqueous solution, M / V); soluble in water,not soluble in ...
    Min. Order:1
  • 100% organic...

    100% organic Stevia Leaf Extract

    NAME: Organic stevia leaf extract CAS NO.: 57817-89-7 EINECS NO.: 260-975-5 M.F. : C38H60O18 M.W. : 804.8722 PART: Dry Stevia Leaf Color: White crystalline powder SPCIFICATION: Reb-A 40%,50%,60%,75%,80%,90%,95%, 97%,98%,99% Certificae: ISO9001:2008,ISO9001:22000,Organic Certificate,Kosher,Halal, FDA ...
    Min. Order:1
  • Pure Organic...

    Pure Organic Stevia with Rebaudioside A 60%-99%

    Stevioside and rebaudioside A, are natural constituents of the plant Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni . Both stevioside and rebaudioside A are 250 times sweeter than sucrose, and have the potential to serve as non-caloric sweeteners. Stevioside is already in use as a food sweetener in a number of South American and Asian countries. Several studies have reported hypoglycemic and hyotensive effec...
    Min. Order:1
  • Sweet Tea ex...

    Sweet Tea extract Rubusoside

    Basic information: product Name: Sweet tea extract CAS#: 64849-39-4 Main Contents: Rubusoside Plant Resource: Rubus Suavissimus S. Lee Activate ingredients: Rubusoside HPLC 70 %,75%,80%,85% Appearance: Light yellow powder Plant Part Used: Leaf Extract Solution: Grain alcohol Molecular formula and weight: C32H50O13,642.73 ...
    Min. Order:1


Sucralose is an artificial sweetener. The majority of ingested sucralose is not broken down by the body, so it is noncaloric. The commercial success of sucralose-based products stems from its favorable comparison to other low-calorie sweeteners in terms of taste, stability, and safety . Sucralose is approximately 600 times as sweet as sucrose (table sugar)

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